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Mid-Pandemic Covid-19, Omicron Variant Emerging

It’s been a number of years since adding new posts to this blog, we are going through a season that seems like it won’t end anytime soon. It causes me […]

Get Your Feet Wet and Explore

One day, God willing, you will become leaders in this land and your arms reach will grasp many concepts and ideas. You may feel powerful, on top, completed or other. […]

Don’t Forget to Stretch Daily

It’s important to stretch daily.  I don’t mean just stretching physically although that should be included.  You should stretch your mind by learning something daily, even if it’s simple.  You […]

Never Too Old – Hunter Chronicles D.516

You are never too old for change in the heart and change in the mind. You are never too old to try; to rearrange; to see see more; to be […]

No Matter Where You are in Life – Video

No matter where you are in life, press forward. We may be faced with turmoil and confusion and missed opportunities, but it’s important to continue moving regardless of the circumstances.

The Needs of a City

The community we live in is shaped by our actions, our thoughts, and our choices in day-to-day routines. Every breath we take is another second to to walk in the […]

Hunter Chronicles D.515 – Do you value your potential?

I wonder sometimes what other people think of themselves. I know often we are busy serving the needs of others or concerned with life itself, so much that we lose […]

Hunter Chronicles D.513 – His life worth living?

At some point in your life you’ll think about this question…  Is life worth living? I guess the only way to answer that question this to say, be appreciative of […]

Hunter Chronicles D.512 – You can’t fight Life

Do not fight life, learn to live life within the un-explainable extremes, dynamic surprises and questionable lessons. We have to maintain the mindset that we can only do our best. […]

Hunter Chronicles D.511 – Necessity and Responsibility

I don’t want to get up, but I know I must. Necessity and responsibility are fuel for the fire when other motives lay dormant. Think about what must be done and the cause and effect positive that are a result of your forward movement.

Hunter Chronicles D.510 – Good and Bad support

Is there such a thing called good support versus bad support? When some asks you if you need help or assistance with something or a particular situation, without extensive drilling, […]

Hunter Chronicles D.509 – Better decisions

Better decisions could have been made. It’s not uncommon to falter in ways that will change the pace and course of your life. There are so many things to still […]

Hunter Chronicles D.508 – Self-restraint

Just because you could… doesn’t mean you should. Self-restraint is not a sign of weakness. It more closely related to attributes of wisdom; and attributes of patience working within your […]

Hunter Chronicles D.507 – What do you see?

Not everyone will see what you see. It’s simple apart of the reason why we were created so uniquely different from one another. Just look at the measure of faith […]

Hunter Chronicles D.504 – Crawl before you walk

Am I suppose to lose at everything I pour my heart into? I don’t believe the answer would be true. You’ve heard the line… crawl before you walk, walk before […]

Hunter Chronicles D.506 – None Like You

There are many people in the world like you. There is no one  in the world exactly like you. Others may see the luster of a walking gem, yet we […]

Hunter Chronicles D.505

Things don’t look the same anymore. Heck, they don’t even sound the same. The motivator needs motivation. The lawyer has become lawless. The Leader is lost. The love that is […]

Hunter Chronicles D.503

It’s there. Just because you don’t see it exactly as you hoped or envisioned, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Have u ever come home late at night and it’s pitch […]

Hunter Chronicles D.502

No Matter what, maintain your momentum through life! It can be difficult as you already know, but maintain your momentum. The regular dilemmas of life are enough to make any […]

Hunter Chronicles D.501

Are you full of life or just “full of it?” Some will speak life and positive things when in front of others, but as soon as no one is looking […]

Hunter Chronicles D.500

What happens when you believe you have control over every primary area in your life and then things begin to unravel at the seams? Some break down and never heal; […]

Hunter Chronicles D.499

Crash. Thump. Bump. Ahhhhh. What’s going on? It sounded like an earth quake in there. Nothing, never mind, leave me alone. Um, I’m just trying to see if there is […]

Hunter Chronicles D.498

Aren’t we suppose to make the most of our life and our time, while we still have it. I appreciate everyone that had reminded me to give it your all; To fight […]

Hunter Chronicles D.497

Determination. Let is stir in your soul. Let it flow through your mind. Let it permeate from the heart to the very tips of your fingers. let it electrify the […]

Hunter Chronicles D.496

At what point was it OK to stop dreaming. At what point was it OK to stop envisioning. At what point is comfort the “in thing”? At what point do […]

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