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The Hunter Chronicle entries are written and dedicated to my Sons (Isaiah and Liam). I hope one day, these will help you understand more about me and give you a little motivation when needed. 

I’m glad you have decided to visit this page.  My name is Ricky White and I am the author of the Hunter Chronicles. Hunter Chronicles were birthed during a time of difficulty in life that circumvented life changing events. I know that God is the provider of my strength and I believe in the promise, wisdom and lessons that are found in a place that many people seek for assisting with living within the walls of this world, the bible. The bible, also known as, the infallible word of God, has influenced and transformed many lives, including my own.

I can’t claim perfection in any means known to man. Although I know that I have been transformed mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I am subjected to the common toils, battles and failures of a man.

The chronicles are small excerpts of my life… some entries reflect struggle and some reveal others general thoughts and meditations, wrapped up in a transparent form of writing. The expected hope is that I can share things that are indeed common for others as well and also in the same breathe, give a good word of hope or guidance. I aim to challenge the heart and mind of each reader and hopefully speak to their spirit and soul. I don’t have all the precise answers, but I do have an open mind and a true intention to talk about the areas of life that, aren’t always expressed.

Sometimes I will cross reference Biblical scriptures and sometimes I may include excerpts of conversations in the past.

At the end of the day, you need to, just be you. Don’t forget the Music. Peace

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